Raver Family

It was a beautiful, crisp autumn morning filled with leaf throwing, racing along the nature trail, tickles and giggles. Yet what was most beautiful was knowing the determination and unconditional love this family has through difficult seasons in life. That beauty never fades.

Happy Mommy Box Anniversary Celebration

  A couple weeks ago I teamed up with Courtney Schnee (a dear friend and fabulous photographer) to photograph the Happy Mommy Box Anniversary Celebration. In just one year this organization, focused on encouraging and inspiring moms, has grown significantly. And founders Mandy Rose and Natalie Lesnefsky threw an incredible party to celebrate. And let me tell you, this celebration had it all! Swag…

Schmidt Family

So much joy and laughter! Anyone observing would know that this family is genuine and full of sincere, lasting love for each other. And those boys! Who knew a family photo session with two young boys could be so calm and sweet!?!

Sloop Family

This family… I enjoyed every moment of their photo session. The sweet embraces of Mike and Christi clearly showed their lifetime of love for each other. And the two boys were rambunctious and a lot of fun to photograph (I never knew what dare-devil trick they were up to behind me). Through the laughter and teasing, the family’s strong, loyal love for each other…

Lesnefsky Family

Golden light and laughter danced in the air as this family ran, hugged, wrestled and twirled throughout the fun-loving photo session. Each smile, hug and giggle clearly displayed a family who knows what it means to love and be loved. Difficult times and transitions haven’t dimmed their happiness; it has molded, defined and grown it. This happy mama’s smile shines brightly, reflecting the sweet…

Brittany & David

As they walked down the tree crowded path, he squeezed her hand and she squeezed it back. The silent communication softly proclaimed the love David and Brittany have for each other. May you always take the time to walk slowly, hand-in-hand.