Cassidy Family

If I had only three words to describe this family I would choose loyal, kind and thoughtful. The Cassidy family has been through a lot already but they continue to stand strong and think of others above themselves. I loved seeing their bright smiles! Thank you, friend! Hopefully we will see each other again soon.

Julie & Luke

This cute couple knows how to get things done! When Julie and Luke first met they quickly realized they had something in common, a great dislike for first dates. So they decided to combine many of the typical first date activities into one date…  And the rest is history. :) Congratulations, Julie and Luke!

Fairy Birthday Party

ADORABLE! Everything about the fairy party fits the definition of adorable: the detailed decorations, the dress-up fairy wings, and the sweet birthday girls. Throw in some pirate costumes for the boys, fun in the park, a fruit loop necklace craft and you have a successful birthday celebration. What a beautiful family and a great party!